The Third Generation

big7yrold-smHey! I’m Daniel, and I’m 7 years old.  I live at my house, “The Cottage”, at Kingbilli, with Mummy and Daddy and my best friend Bing the Ginger Cat, Sparkles the Bichon Frise and Kora and Bash the Azawakh.  Our house is in the middle of the whole farm, and has windows all the way round, so we can look out every side and see what all the animals are doing.  We have lots of birds in our garden, and big possums who stomp across our roof, wombats who eat our lawn and even bandicoots who run along the verandah.

On one side of our garden is the start of the pony paddocks.  Most mornings I take my bike or my race-car around to see them, and often give them bread and carrots (and I eat some too).  We have lots of ponies, and I have my very own called Sadie, who I named myself.  I ride her and give her lots of cuddles, and she’s lovely.  But I have to be careful of Hawkeye, he’s very cheeky: he’s always nibbling me or trying to climb onto my race-car or steal my bike.

whawkeyeHe lives with his girlfriend Missy now he’s too big to live with his mummy, Primrose.  Missy was very scared when she first came to live with us, but because I visit her all the time, she’s getting much braver, and even lets me pat her nose now.  She has a young son called Moonshine, and he loves me, as I’m the only person his size.

wdelphiThen straight across the drive are most of the llamas.  Mummy says they’re a bit like cats – some days they gives you lots of cuddles and kisses, and other days they just look bored and go back to what they were doing.  So they must think I’m really interesting because they ALWAYS come to talk to me, and follow me everywhere I go.

Right next to their paddock is my big playground.  That’s usually where I meet up with our guests’ kids and then take them to meet animals.  Or sometimes I just play there with Mummy and Daddy.  Daddy’s really good on the trampoline.

danontractorOn the other side of the big llama paddock is one of my favourite places, my Bike Track.  My hero, Darryle, made the track with his big truck and red tractor, especially for me and all our guests’ kids to ride our bikes as fast as we can go, up and down little hills, around corners and through trees.  It’s a smaller version of the one I go ride on at the Buxton Mountain Bike Park.  Mummy and Daddy love spending time watching me go round and round.  It’s between our two biggest dams beside the wetlands, so sometimes our Swans come over to watch me too.

mudBack in our own garden, I have my very own biplane, tree swing and geodome just for me, and also my toy dirt track, where I use the hose to make mud and play in it with all my trucks and diggers and Daddy.  Then Mummy has to clean us afterwards in her dog bath.  I also have my very special treehouse, which is hidden in the garden so I can see everyone but no-one can see me.

dan-sparks13sep2019-smMummy has her dog grooming salon at our house, so a few different dogs come to visit almost every afternoon, and I love saying hi to them and giving them all cuddles, and talking to their owners.  I help Mummy bath and brush most dogs, or play fetch with them.  I’m learning to clip their backs and scissor their tails at the moment, so I’m already calling myself a Groomer, just like Mummy.

Behind our house are the big hills, where all the deer live with some of the llamas, our three stock horses and lots and lots of other animals like wallabies and kangaroos and koalas.  I love taking Mummy and Daddy all the way up there for adventures, and now I’m big, I can walk all the way to the top by myself.  Mummy seems to have more trouble doing that than I do.  I don’t know why.  Sometimes I have to hold her hand and pull her up.

sugarloafSometimes we also go rock-climbing across the road in the Cathedral Range State Park.  I’ve loved going there ever since I was a tiny baby.  Back then my favourite thing was looking at trees, but now I like to look at everything.  I take my butterfly net and catch really cool bugs.  Sometimes if they’re friendly, I let them walk on my hand for a while and talk to them.  And I often give them names too.  Like Bob.

I love taking lots of interesting photos when I go out and about.  Daddy is a photographer, and I’m almost as good as him.

slideWhen I’m not busy doing stuff like playing or biking or adventuring, I’m busy helping Mummy and Daddy do jobs around the farm with  the dogs, or helping Granny and Gramps work in their veggie garden or look after their peacocks.

danturns5I’ve been helping with everything around the place since I was six weeks old, so I know how to do everything.  That’s why I also call myself a Knower.  I’m also the person who finds things – Mummy and Daddy, and sometimes Granny, are always losing things, and I always find them for them, because I remember everything anyone has ever said.

When I was a little kid, I kept a diary of everything I did here.  Right now I’m too busy doing stuff, but you can still read it if you want to.  I’ll come back and update this page sometimes, when I’m not too busy doing stuff.