Photo by Chantal Parratt

 Idi n’Illeli … “the sighthounds of the free”

The Azawakh is one of the rarest breeds of dog in the world.  Bred by the Tuareg nomads of the Sahelian zone of the southern Sahara, they have been isolated from the outside world for thousands of years.

The first Azawakh landed in Australia in 2010, and today there are only around 40 of them in the country, and only a few thousand elsewhere in the world.  We count ourselves incredibly lucky to have three living here with us at Kingbilli: Kora, Calabash and Kora’s mother Amzhad.


With a fierce guarding instinct borne of Western Africa where any stranger – human or animal – approaching a nomad’s camp is rarely friendly … a keen intelligence necessitated by the struggle to survive in one of Earth’s harshest landscapes … and an intense loyalty to their family bordering on obsession … their preservation as a breed has become Georgina’s number one passion.

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