The arrival of Covid19 has caused many folk around Australia to reassess their priorities.  For some, the hustle and bustle of urban life has well and truly lost its appeal, and they see a more remote lifestyle where old-fashioned freedoms and simple pleasures take precedence over material things.

In rural Australia, life is what you make it, and at Kingbilli, our daily existence is active, varied and at the same time, peaceful.


As a 200 acre ecotourism destination, shetland and llama farm and wildlife refuge, we have a never-ending list of relatively simple, but nonetheless important tasks which must be done all year round.  For over 20 years, we have hosted international travellers as part of the WWOOF and HelpExchange programs to help us.  But since Covid19, we have decided to seek someone more permanent.

Hence, we offer a unique position for a groundskeeper – a couple or suitable single – to join us at Kingbilli, living on site in their own, fully self-contained cottage, in exchange for 2 days work per week.

ballardsWe are looking for a self-motivated person or people who can be both conscientious cleaner(s) for our one guest cottage, keen gardener(s) for our many acres of landscaped grounds, and willing hands assisting as necessary in the basic maintenance of the broader property.

Whilst the work expected is not especially skilled, some may find it arduous. It includes:
- Gardening: raking, mulching, weeding, edging garden beds, planting, watering and pruning.
- Cleaning: washing windows, removing cobwebs, sweeping paths and learning to clean our guest cottage to a high standard.
- Maintenance: clearing gutters, filling pot-holes, mending fences or animal shelters.
- Firewood: collecting sawn logs from paddocks and stacking in woodsheds, delivering split wood to guest cottage, your own cottage and our two residences.

insideOur groundskeeper will not be given a salary.  The amount of work we require is tailored specifically to match the value you will be receiving by living rent-free in your own self-contained cottage here on the property.  You will have your own fully-equipped kitchen, spacious living/dining room, double bedroom with ensuite bathroom. You will be supplied with free electricity (capped), water, gas, wireless internet, firewood, satellite television, DVD player, linen, crockery, cutlery, cookware, your own BBQ and access to our laundry facilities.  (Be aware, there is no telephone in your cottage, and mobile reception is limited).

Because we ask you to work on only 2 days per week, you will have plenty of time to seek local or online paid employment, undertake studies or explore whichever other outside avenues interest you.  You will be surrounded by picturesque scenery, friendly animals, and the knowledge that whatever future the outside world brings, within these 200 acres, you can feel at peace.

kitchenUnfortunately, we do not have space to accommodate a family, so this offer is only open to folk either without children or who’s children have already ‘left the nest’.  We are also very limited in what we can accept in the way of pets, as the wellbeing of our treasured wildlife and valuable livestock… and the peace and quiet we promise the visitors to our guest cottage… must take priority.

Also, as the cottage we provide for our groundskeeper is relatively small and already fully furnished, there is not space for excessive storage.

As this is rural Australia and we are comparatively remote with zero public transport options, our groundskeeper(s) absolutely MUST have their own vehicle in order for them to be able to do their own shopping and be generally self-sufficient.

Applicants are required to provide proof of triple COVID vaccination.



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