Bike Track

1If your kids love riding bikes – you have to bring them with you when you come to Kingbilli!

Thanks to Daniel, (Kingbilli’s third generation of the Beach/Covington family) we now have our very own Bike Track, launched in time for his 4th birthday in September 2018!

Starting out on a trike before he could walk, and graduating to his beloved Balance Bike on his 2nd birthday, Daniel is well and truly obsessed with WHEELS.

So, after spending many an hour following him around and around the kids’ track at the local Buxton Mountain Bike Park, some 10km drive away… we decided the sensible solution was to construct a replica at Kingbilli, so he could take himself to it anytime he pleased, whilst Mummy and Daddy could actually get other things done!

2And, for our guests, the Bike Track offers another way of wearing out the kids once they tire of the Playground – whilst their parents sit peacefully at another conveniently positioned picnic table!

Winding left and right and up and down and all around under the shady Blue Gums and pretty Wattles between our two largest dams on the edge of our bird-filled wetlands, our 300m long Bike Track was specially designed under Daniel’s strict supervision, using clay sourced from within the property and moulded carefully into cambered corners, humps, dips and one fast sloping straight.

5The llamas and donkeys seem to enjoy spectating from their adjoining paddocks, whilst our resident wild deer leave fresh footprints in the track’s surface every night.  And luckily, although initially greatly offended by the unapproved earthworks, our wombats have finally accepted its establishment and ceased making their own modifications!

So if you’re planning to holiday with us, particularly in the finer months of the year, find a way to fit the children’s bikes on board and they’re sure to have a blast!

(Meanwhile, for the little ones who are still finding their balance on wheels: our flat, quiet, kilometre long driveway offers the perfect practicing ground whilst bigger siblings take on the Track!)