Weddings at Kingbilli

gazebo1Eucalypts whisper in the evening breeze, mountain streams tumble, and songbirds call as a pink sun fades … the soft hues of the bush replace bright city lights and natural harmony inspires tranquil romance. Such simple bush magic makes Kingbilli a favoured honeymoon destination, but sometimes, Kingbilli is involved with more than just the honeymoon. Eager to escape the expense and pressures of a traditional wedding – some couples decide to elope, holding their ceremony here too. Vows are exchanged in a leafy garden corner, on a sunny hilltop or in a picturesque gazebo amidst watery reflections.

For most of us, “elopement” conjures up a centuries-past romantic picture of the young bridegroom stealthily ascending a ladder to his beloved’s window, whereupon hand-in-hand they escape into the moonlit night, avoiding the wrath of feuding families. In the 21st century, it’s (usually) not quite so dramatic, but merely a unique way for two people to acknowledge their love for each other, without the whole world it seems the reasons for eloping are not so very different.

Some couples have parents who have separated, or are simply incompatible! Wearied by the diplomacy required to bring the whole family together for a friction-free wedding, the couple escapes the hassle altogether by marrying without family present, holding small celebratory gatherings for each clan later.

Other couples regale stories of well-intentioned mothers, so intent upon achieving ‘the perfect day’, it assumes the intensity and expense of a theatrical event, whilst the guest list reads like a telephone directory. Others are planning a second marriage … generally older and less interested in a big to-do, they focus on one another. Privacy is key and public celebrations come later. And then, some couples take the middle road, requesting a “planned elopement”, with close friends or family witnessing the ceremony and gathering afterwards at a restaurant nearby.

Kingbilli's HilltopIn any case, a wedding belongs to no-one except the bride and groom … and we’re here make your special day exactly that: your day.

Although organising an elopement is far simpler than arranging a traditional wedding, some planning is still required. Budgets are always an issue, so we’ll help you balance your wishes with your wallet! Firstly, decide upon the timing and length of your stay at Kingbilli. Checkout our packages, choose one to suit your budget, and contact us to discuss dates.

Next, a Civil Marriage Celebrant. Choosing the right person for you is a very personal matter, and there are several from around regional Victoria who are more than happy to come to Kingbilli.  Our favourite is Ann Flockhart (visit her website at who married Georgina and Simon in early 2014.  Whomsoever you choose, when planning dates, it’s important you remember, legally, you must finalise paperwork with your celebrant at least 1 month and 1 day prior to the ceremony.

bridgeYou need two witnesses over the age of twenty-one. If you plan to have guests attend your ceremony, this is easy – or, alternatively, we’re happy to stand-in as witnesses for you, free of charge. Otherwise, the cost for guests to attend your wedding is $25 each for adults and $15 each for children under 12 years. Generally, the maximum number of guests we accept is twenty.

Now: photography.  Professional photographer Will Hore-Lacy at has taken some truly stunning shots at Kingbilli, and we can highly recommend him.  Alternatively, you may already have someone in mind, or simply choose to give your camera to a family member.

Our local hairdresser will come to your cottage if you wish, or you may prefer to visit her salon in the nearby township of Alexandra. The local florist can deliver to Kingbilli if desired, or alternatively, during certain times of year, Kingbilli’s gardens produce a spectacular array of roses and native flowers which we can help you select, free of charge. Check with us regarding seasonal flower availability.

Some couples retreat to their cottage post-ceremony and enjoy a romantic evening alone together … others dash out with friends to a local restaurant … and some select the rather more unusual option of a Lakeside Llama Supper.

The choices are entirely up to you. The most important thing to remember is this is your special day … and we want it to be as close to perfect as possible. For more information and assistance … contact us anytime.