BYO Horse Holidays

Looking for new trails to explore? In need of a break but can’t leave your best buddy? Then bring him with you! In the midst of the mountains and surrounded by peaceful easy-riding country, Kingbilli is the perfect destination for a holiday with your horse.


Here, horse-owners are encouraged to float-up and bring their four-legged friends to a place where the call of the saddle is well-understood.

graffitiWe provide your horse(s) with a spacious, 1 acre paddock, complete with half-shelter and water trough, and enclosed with post and rail fencing supporting plain wire and ringlock. Grass is free (although there may be little of it during the summer months), but you’ll need to bring your own hard feed, gear and goodies. The paddock adjoins a smaller handling paddock where you can safely park your float, directly opposite your  cottage.

Once you’re out the gate, the mountain trails beckon, and riding opportunities are plentiful. The property is situated along a quiet country lane, and just two hundred metres from our gates, this becomes a dirt road, with wide, treed verges, winding it’s way for a couple of kilometres through farmland before it reaches the native forest. Within the forest, old logging roads and meandering fire-trails provide excellent riding country.

In this part of the world, riders are unlikely to encounter another soul along the trail (human, that is) … however, if your horse is more accustomed to the sights and sounds of civilisation, be prepared for his reaction as a wallaby darts across his path! That said, the local wildlife usually finds the presence of horses far less intimidating than humans travelling on foot or by vehicle, thus wilderness-loving riders will delight in close encounters of the furry kind.